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  • Eurotransport 2000 LTD recruits students 2-3-4 years of study, International Economic Relations, Economics of the Transport, Logistics for paid traineeship.

About Evrotransport 2000

The history of Evrotransport 2000 begins with the establishment of Domestic Logistics Department as an integral part of SOMAT LTD and transfer of 40 years of experience in international transportation and logistics on the domestic market in Bulgaria. In the beginning the Company operates with a fleet of 23 domestic distribution trucks – reefers, curtain-siders, express 8-tonners, tail-lifts, etc. optimized to meet specific customer requirements and works for a key customers such as Henkel and Metro.

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Customers' advantages

  • reliable planning of production and retail;
  • optimized stocks and warehousing;
  •  faster response and retail support – within or less than 24h;
  • transformation of volatile costs for own fleet into manageable material costs;
  • bottlenecks and vulnerabilities alleviation and elimination;
  • reliable long-term partnership.